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Modern Index Cutting Board Set

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Modern Index Cutting Board Set

│ Description│

According to US FDA's instruction on how to use cutting board "It's recommended to prevent cross-contamination between foods, each household should be used different cutting board for each food such as meat, fish, vegetable, fruits and instant food
Polypropylene, containing no environment hormone, is a nontoxic material that widely used in medical appliance and baby goods.
-Stylish White, High Glossy and Unique Design
-Cutting Board can be kept clean and Hygienic with its easy draining and cleaning
-99.9% Anit-bacterial
-Use Different cutting boards for each type of food
-Double-sided cutting board for practical use
 •Heat-Resisting temperature :-20~70C
 •Size : Cutting board 34 x 23 x 0.8cm / Case 28 x 7.8 x 8cm
 •Material : Case - ABS / Cutting board - Polyethylene + antimicrobial

│ Company introduction │

We are most grateful to your continous concern and support to Naturnic.
"Naturnic" stands for a compound word of "nature" and "botanic."
It is an eco-living brand that produces eco-friendly household products using harmless material.

Naturic has been specialized in contemporary kitchenware since 2008

Now, Naturnic steps forward to worldwide to be recognised for producing some of the most stayilsh and functional products available, and will try to be one of the most trusted company in the worldwide home-wares market.

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Modern Index Cutting Board Set